The Memor 32 memory card is soon to get USB hard drive compatibility, if a new promotional video is to believed. Memento, the producers of the Memor 32, have found a way to boot games from the PS2’s memory card slot without the need for a chipped console. With the new firmware update they claim you will be able to store the games on an attached hard drive and play them directly.
The current firmware allows the PS2 to play games from burnt CDs and DVDs but this limits your storage considerably. With the new update, any USB hard drive will be able to be hooked up to the Memor 32 and have the ROMs loaded directly from the hard drive and into the PS2.
Although not released to the general public yet, the memento site states:
The new firmware is arriving, we know you are all waiting for it, but we want to release something that we will be proud of.
Be patient, we are 99% done :-)
A member of the maxconsole forum has said that he was told the current hold up is with the US firmware, but that the PAL firmware is ready for release.
As a big fan of the R4 (A similar ROM playing device for the DS) I can see myself getting one of these and being very happy indeed. The ability to store all of my PS2 games on a single hard drive is extremely appealing. As is the prospect of being able to play PS2 home brew without needing to open the case and void any kind of warranty.
[ame=""]YouTube - Memento Team 1.3 firmware Promo - On Memor32 / Vast for PS2[/ame]