• Mικρά tips και συμβουλές για PS4

    Bάζω μερικά που έχω αλιεύσει από το διαδίκτυο (η αλήθεια είναι πως παρότι έμπειρος κάποια δεν τα γνώριζα)

    Hold down on the PS Button for 10 seconds to turn off the controller.

    Double tapping the PS button switches between apps directly.

    Most games have patch notes, you can check the update history on a game to read them.

    Download progression beyond the initial PlayGo piece that's required to launch a downloaded game is shown in the Downloads list.

    Spotify Connect.
    Boot Spotify on your table/phone/pc -> click the volume icon -> select play on PS4 and the music starts playing on your PS4.
    Don't even have to boot the PS4 spotify app and you can do this while a game is running as well.

    Press options on a trophy description to do a Google search on it. Works really well.

    You can protect your account with a four digit passcode.

    You can turn any standard headphones/headset into a wireless one if you plug it into the controller
    and send the audio wireless by holding the ps button down and selecting audio device output.

    When your controller battery gets low, you don't have to power it off to switch to a new one.
    Just power on the new one, choose your profile, the old one will power off, and the new one will be controller 1, not 2.

    You Can Dim The Controller Light

    You can make a small change to the share button which is pretty nice if you like taking screenshots.
    By Default:
    - Short press of the share button: Open share menu
    - Long press of the share button: Take a screenshot
    You can change it to
    - Short press: Take Screenshot
    - Long press: Open Menu
    To do so Press the share button, then the options button then "share settings" and then "Share button control type"

    Mobile phone Playstation App can be used for "second screen" keyboard feature.
    You can enter text on PS4 using your smartphone with ease!
    You can even control OS using nice touch interface [swiping and tapping to move through OS].
    Keyboard/touchpad OS control is also accessible via Vita [PS4 Link app > second screen].

    You can adjust just how many apps and games show up on your home screen by going through Settings > System and unchecking the “Limit Number of Contents on Home Screen.”

    You Can Automatically Log In

    You Can Customize Your Buttons

    Clicking psbutton while a message notification is up will bring you to said message immediately.

    To rebuild database, turn off ps4, then hold power button for about 7 seconds (2 beeps) to boot into safemode.
    People have reported many little oddities can get fixed if you do this.

    If you are having troubles with apps not working, go to settings and PSN. Select Restore Licenses and it may resolve your problem.

    You can use a Vita as DS4 controller via remote play.

    When texting double tapping L2 makes all letters caps.

    You can set your custom button configuration short cut on the accessibility menu,
    that way when you hold down the PS button for a few seconds you will see the short cut added of your custom button configuration there.

    You can pull your profile pic from an image on your phone using the PS mobile App.

    When resuming a game from suspend mode, theres a status bar at the top of the screen showing some info for 10 sec.
    Quickly double tap the ps button to hide it instantly.

    Kαι τέλος... κάθε μήνα να καβατζώνετε (κάντε purchased) από το PC store όλα τα δωρεάν plus παιχνίδια ακόμη κι αν δεν έχετε PS3 ή Vita,
    αν κάποια στιγμή πέσει κάποιο από τα δύο στα χέρια σας (ή ακόμη καλύτερα και τα δύο) θα έχετε τα παιχνίδια στην download λίστα σας έτοιμα για κατέβασμα.
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