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Καταρχας θελω να ευχαριστησω τον NONBORN :bowdown::bowdown:
Λοιπον ειναι η πρωτη μου φορα που φτιαχνω κατι αναλογο οποτε θελω λιγο επιεικια απο σας.
Μετα τον τερματισμο αυτου του ΜΟΝΑΔΙΚΟΥ game
αναρωτηθηκα ποσα οπλα να εχει αραγε?
υπαρχουν ολλα αυτα στην πραγματικοτητα?
Καπως ετσι μου μπηκε η ιδεα να φτιαξω ενα post
με ολλα τα οπλα απο το MGS4
ψαξε απο δω ψαξε απο κει copy/paste δλδ εφτιαξα αυτο
θα θελα να πω οτι δεν εχω διασταβρωσει αν οι φωτογραφιες και τα σχολια που παραθετονται
αντικατοπτριζονται επ'ακριβως με αυτα του παιχνιδιου
γιαυτο οποιεσδηποτε προτασεις/αλλαγες/διαγραφες/προσθηκες/παραληψεις φυσικα δεκτες


Pistols :

1911 Custom

The M1911A1 is a semi-automatic handgun used by Naked Snake during the Virtuous Mission and Operation Snake Eater. It was used extensively from World War I through the Vietnam War, and is still in service with some United States military units to this day.

Being a relatively small gun, the M1911 can be held in the right hand while used with a knife in the left to perform CQC, a form of close-quarters combat developed by Snake and The Boss that was imperative for Snake's missions. Despite all its boasted fame in-game, the gun itself was still underpowered in MGS3 and MGS:PO; it took about five bullets to the torso on average to kill an unarmored person without landing a headshot.

Naked Snake had a standard-issue M1911 during the very beginning of Operation Snake Eater, but it was dismantled and tossed off into the wilderness by The Boss. When Snake met EVA in Rassvet, she provided him with another, heavily modified M1911. Snake had whittled down the grip himself in order to hold the knife and gun with both hands to perform CQC.

It is available as a secondary weapon in Metal Gear Online. This weapon will also reprise it's role in MGS4 as the SIG GSR, and another model with a built in laser sight extended barrel to accept a silencer and is referred to as the Operator.
List of Customizations

* The feeding ramp has been polished to a mirror sheen, preventing feeding problems.
* The slide's been replaced with a reinforced version.
* The frame has been iron-welded and scraped down multiple times for maximum precision.
* The trigger guard of the frame has been checkered to make it dig into the hand, preventing slipping.
* The sight system is a trilux 3-dot type for easier aiming.
* The regular hammer's been replaced with a ring hammer.
* The thumbs safety and the slide stop are extended to allow for more precise handling.
* The base of the trigger guard is whittled down, so the user can use a high grip.
* The trigger is a long type for easy finger access.
* The magazine well has been widened to make it easier to put in a new magazine.
* The magazine catch button has been cut down low to make it harder to hit by mistake.
* The mainspring housing has been changed to a flat type to increase grip.
* Cocking serrations were added to the front part of the slide, allowing the user to eject cartridges faster in an emergency.

Desert Eagle (originally used by Meryl)

A large calibre gas-operated semi-automatic handgun firing .50AE rounds. Carries 7 rounds and is Meryl Silverburghs signature weapon in MGS1 and MGS4.

Desert Eagle Long Barrel

A modified Desert Eagle pistol with an added 10inch barrel and a small hunting scope which allows for easy target aquisition at range.

Five Seven (gun used by Snake when he infiltrated Galuade)

A semi-automatic handgun with a 20 round magazine firing armor penertrating 5.7x28mm Bullets. Is standard issue by Haven Soldiers.

Glock 18C

An automatic 9mm handgun with a 33 round magazine.

GSR (.45)

Standard issue side arm for most of the PMCs. Has an 8 round magazine and is only slightly shorter in range than the Operator.

Mk 2 Pistol (Tanq)

The Ruger MK II is a rimfire pistol manufactured in the late 20th century. It is used as the tranquilizer pistol in Metal Gear Solid 4. Carries 10 shots of Anest. .22LR and must be re-cocked after every shot.

Mk.23 SOCOM (Snake's main handgun from Metal Gear Solid)

A semi-automatic .45 ACP handgun developed for the Special Forces SOCOM. Equipped with a 12 round magazine and a Laser Aiming Module, was also Snake's signature weapon in MGS1.

Operator (Colt .45 with extended barrel)

A semiautomatic .45 handgun based on the 1911 design.


A russian semi-automatic pistol firing 9x18mm Marakov. Carries 12 rounds over the PM's 8.


A russian silenced pistol firing special 7.62x42mm ammunition. It carries 6 shots and must be re-cocked after every shot.

Race Gun (fires ricochet bullets)

The Race Gun is a semi-automatic .38 Super 1911 handgun modified for Competition shooting. Is able to fire ricochet bullets.

Solar Gun (causes enemies to drop weapons and does extreme damage to Vamp)

A special solar powered gun that can be charged up to fire a devastating blow. It also known as the Gun Del Sol, and was a weapon originally used by the legendary Vampire killer: Solar-Boy Django. The appearence and sound effects comes directly from the Boktai games. When it hits it's target, the Solar Gun will also cause an item to be produced. Though it has infinite ammo, it has a limited magazine which must be charged by absorbing sunlight. When this is done, Snake raises the weapon into the air and shouts "Sunlight!".

Thor .45-70 (rifle pistol)

A single shot pistol firing the large .45-70 round. Is used by liquid and is powerful for a pistol.

Type 17 (broom handle machine pistol)

An automatic pistol variant derived from the Mauser C96 pistol from WW2. Carries 10 rounds of .45 ACP and is EVA's signature weapon in MGS3 to 4.

to be continued

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συνεχεια :

Sub-machine guns :


The BIZON is a Russian Submachine Gun developed from the AK-74 and AK-100 series rifles. It uses a helical magazine that holds 64 rounds and was designed with the intent to be used by Counter Terrorist and Law Enforcement agencies.


The M10 is a compact Sub-Machine Gun firing .45 ACP bullets from a 30 round magazine. It was designed to be used by Special Forces and Law Enforcement. Considered Obsolete by today's military standards.


The Heckler & Koch MP5SD2 Sub-Machine Gun is a variant of MP5 fitted with an integrated silencer, it was designed to be used by Special Forces and Law Enforcement for it's accuracy and rate of fire. Uses 9x19mm ammunition in 30 round magazines.


The Heckler & Koch MP7 is a PDW (Personal Defence Weapon) firing armor penetrating 4.6x30mm rounds, it was designed to be used by Military Security and Vehicle Crews, however it is rather weak, despite the rather high penetration level. Carries a small 20 round magazine.


The P90 is a rapid fire sub machine gun firing armor piercing 5.7x28mm rounds. It carries a large 50 round magazine and was originally designed for Special Forces and Vehicle Crews. It is standard issue for the Haven Soldiers

Patriot (The Boss' weapon; has unlimited ammunition)

The Patriot is an unlockable weapon earned when the Big Boss Emblem is collected. Originally owned by "The Boss" in MGS3, the Patriot is a rapid fire cut down M16 Assault Rifle with a 100 round drum magazine. The weapon has unlimited ammo due to the fact that the feeding mechanism is shaped like an infinity sign.

VZ. 83 Skorpion

The Vz. 83 is a Czechoslovakian Machine pistol firing 9x18mm from 20 round magazines. It is equipped with a Laser sight and was originally designed as a sidearm for Security forces.

Assault rifles :

Standard Issue rifle for most of the Militia forces. A variant of the AK-47 rifles, the AK-102 features a new sight system and improved ballistics. It fires 5.56x45mm rounds from a 30 round magazine and features one attachment point.


Another variation of the AK series rifles. The AN94 feature improved accuracy and sight system and fires the 5.45x39mm round. It's signifcantly lighter and was originally developed for Russian Special Forces. It was standard Issue for the Gurlkovich sentries during the Big Shell incident.

FAL Carbine

The FAL Carbine is a Semi-Automatic Battle rifle firing the 7.62x51mm round from a 20 round magazine. It's shorter than a traditional FAL rifle but just as powerful.


A select fire Battle rifle firing the 7.62x51mm round from a 20 round magazine. Much like the FAL but longer and has automatic capability but doing so ensures high recoil.

M4 Custom

A shortened variant of the M16 Rifles used by the US Army. The M4 was originally developed to serve Special Forces units due to it's compact size. Another reason was that the M4, especially the M4 Custom was one of the most versatile weapons created. It featured five attachment points which include attachments such as Grenade Launchers, Underbarrel Shotguns, Handgrips, lasers, scopes and lights. It fires the 5.56x45mm round from a 30 round magazine.

Mk.17 (SCAR-H)

Standard issue rifle for most PMCs in MGS4. Fires the 7.62x51mm round from a 20 round magazine. The actual in-game model is a GenII SCAR-H , it is noticeable by looking at the stock and flash hider.


As of 2014 in MGS4, it is the standard issue service rifle of the United States Armed Forces. It features a built in scope and one attachment point.

Sniper weapons :

The DSR-1 was manufactured as a Military and Law Enforcement Sharpshooter rifle. A bolt action rifle it is extremely powerful and fires the 7.62x51mm round from a 5 round magazine


A select fire Battle rifle turned sniper. The M14 EBR fires the 7.62x51mm round from a 20 round magazine. This fully automatic "sniper" can be fitted with a suppressor, laser sight and flash light and is argubly one of the more balanced weapons to use. Most PMC's also use this as their designated Sniper rifle.


The Barret M82A2 is a variation of the M82A1 Anti Material Sniper rifle. A Bullpup weapon the M82A2 fires the .50BMG round from a 10 magazine, it's offset with high recoil but has extreme range and does enough damage to destroy vehicles with a few hits. In MGS4 it is the United States Armed Forces Sniper rifle of choice.

Mosin-Nagant (The End's sniper rifle)

A Russian-made battle rifle and sniper rifle that has been modified as a tranquilizer rifle. It fires special Tranq rounds from a 5 round magazine, it is accurate and powerful but it's bolt action gives it a slower rate of fire than semi-automatic weapons.


A railgun uses electromagnetic rails instead of chemical propellants to fire projectiles; this allows the railgun to launch shells at extremely high velocities. A portable version is used by Fortune in Metal Gear Solid 2; however, man-portable railguns are entirely fictional and do not exist in real life. A larger, more plausible version was used by Metal Gear REX. While REX's designer originally intended it to shoot down nuclear missiles, it was refitted to fire nuclear warheads instead. There also appears to be one mounted on Crying Wolf's back, which also lowers into a sniping position for more ease while aiming as seen in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. You can get Crying Wolf's railgun in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots after you defeat her in Shadow Moses Island.


A Russian made semi-automatic designated marksmen's rifle firing the 7.62x54mm R round matched for accuracy from a 10 round magazine. It has excellent accuracy and power and was originally made for Russian Designated Marksmen. It has served in over twenty nations and a number of other armed organizations since it's introduction in 1963.

Tanegashima (old flint lock that is very slow to reload, 33% of hits causes a whirlwind that carries off enemies making them drop items)

An old flintlock rifle made from a Japanese Gunsmith. At a 33% chance it can create a whirlwind that will suck up enemies and give out items all across the battlefield.


A Russian made sniper rifle developed for Special forces. It's a select fire sniper rifle with an intergrated silencer and fires the special sub-sonic 9x39mm round from a 10 round magazine

to be continued

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συνεχεια :

Heavy machine guns :

The HK21E is a German made light machine gun based on the G3 assault rifle firing the 7.62x51mm round. It carries 100 rounds on a disintegrating-link belt and is accurate and powerful for an MG. Unfortunately it's loses it's accuracy on prong longed bursts of fire so short bursts are recommended. Like all machine guns, Snake will start screaming when it is fired in a long burst.


The M60E4 is a fully automatic General Purpose Machine Gun based in part on the German MG-42 machine gun and FG-42 battle rifle and has been in United States Armed Forces since the 1940's. The M60E4 is the latest version and fires the 7.62x51mm round and features 100 round belts of ammunition. As such the M60E4 comes equipped with multiple attachment points allowing different items to be attached.

MK.46 Mod 1

An American made Light Machine Gun and a modular variant of the M249 Machine Gun Platform used by the U.S Special Operations Command (SOCOM). It fires the 5.56x45mm round from a large 200 round belt. It has a high rate of fire but like other machine guns it loses accuracy when fired in full auto.


A Russian General Purpose Machine Gun designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov firing 7.62x54mm R from a 100 round box style magazine. While mostly inaccurate when fired in continuous bursts it is powerful.

Shotguns :
M870 Custom

The Remington 870 shotgun is a widely popular pump-action 12 gauge shotgun, used by law enforcement and military organizations as well as civilian organizations. The military version features the ability to customize the weapon for a variety of mission roles. It features a bottom-loading side-ejecting tubular magazine that runs underneath the barrel and holds eight 12 gauge rounds. It is capable of firing a number of rounds ranging from buckshot to less-lethal bean-bag ammunition.


The Saiga-12 is a box magazine-fed semi-automatic 12-Guage combat shotgun developed by the arms division of Russian manufacturer Izhmash. It is based on the AK-47 and fires from a gas operating rotating bolt. It has an advantage over most shotguns in that it requires less time to load than a standard tube-magazine or double-barreled shotgun. Combat magazines hold 8 rounds.

Twin Barrel

δεν εχω ιδεα αν ειναι σωστη :p

Grenade launchers :

The Milkor MGL-140 is a South African designed multi-shot grenade launcher first produced in 2005. It fires a multitude of 40mm projectiles ranging from high-explosive grenades to flares from a six-shot revolving chamber. Used by the United States Marine Corps under the designation M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher.


The XM25 Individual Airburst Weapon System is a gas-operated multiple grenade launcher firing a 25mm grenade with programmable ammunition that can be set to detonate mid-air at a set distance using a target acquisition/fire control computer incorporated into the weapons sight. It is fed using a magazine in a bullpup configuration. Like the XM8, it was originally a component of the canceled XM29 Objective Individual Combat Weapon.


The GP-30 is a Russian muzzle-loading rifle-mounted single-shot grenade launcher that is an improved version of the GP-25 grenade launcher. Firing a 40mm caseless grenade, the GP-30 is mounted underneath the barrel of an assault rifle and fired as a secondary weapon.


The XM320 is a modern breach-loading single-shot grenade launcher designed by Heckler and Koch of Germany firing the NATO standard 40mm low velocity grenade. It is expected to replace the American M203 grenade launcher in NATO service, including the U.S Armed Forces. It is capable of both being used as a rifle-mounted grenade launcher and a stand-alone system, though in MGS4 it is only used as the former.

Rocket launchers :
Fim-92A (Stinger)

The FIM-92A "Stinger" is a MANPADS (Man-Portable Air-Defense System) firing a passive surface-to-air missile (SAM) developed in the United States and used by all U.S Armed Services as well as several other nations. It was first produced in 1981 and saw it's first service a year later in the Falklands war in the service of British Special Forces. Later, the CIA supplied 500 missiles to the Afghan Mujahideen guerrillas to use against invading Soviet forces and were used to great effect. The Stinger missile has been featured since the original Metal Gear Solid.

FGM-148 Javelin

The FGM-148 Javelin is a man-portable multi-use anti-armor guided missile in use by the United States Armed Forces as well as a few other nations such as Canada and Australia. It consists of a disposable launch-tube housed in a reusable Command Launch Unit that acts as the targeting component. Once an armored threat or hostile structure has been detected, the missile can be fired in "top attack mode" or a direct fire mode. In top attack mode, the missile launches straight into the air and then comes down onto the top of an armored vehicle, where the armor is not as thick. It's tandem warhead is designed to defeat Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) and the missile can be used effectively against buildings and helicopters in direct fire mode.


The M72A3 is an upgraded variant of the disposable M72 66mm Light Anti-Armor Weapon (LAW) first issued to the United States Military after the Korean War to replace the bazooka. It has been used by several other NATO countries including Canada and Finland. It saw service in the Vietnam war as the United States' primary man-portable anti-armor weapon. After firing, the launch-tube can no-longer be reloaded and must be discarded. It was eventually replaced with the AT-4 in NATO use.


The RPG-7 is a Soviet-made anti-armor weapon that was first produced in 1961. It fires a 40mm warhead from a reusable launch tube. It is used by the armed forces of over 40 nations as well as paramilitary, guerrilla and terrorist groups. Since it's introduction into the Soviet Army, several specialty warheads have been developed ranging from anti-personnel fragmentation to dual-warhead High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT).

to be continued

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συνεχεια :

Weapon modifiers :
Dot sights

A red dot sight (also called a reflex sight or, for certain models, a reflex scope) is a non-magnifying firearm sight that uses an illuminated red dot reticle. It can also be found on telescopes and point and shoot digital cameras that have electronic viewfinders.



Fore grips


Grenade launchers

A grenade launcher is a weapon that launches a grenade to greater distances, more accurately, and faster than a soldier could throw by hand.

Laser sights

The laser has in most military applications been used as a tool to enhance the targeting of other weapon systems. For example, a laser sight is a small, usually visible-light laser placed on a handgun or rifle aligned to emit a beam parallel to the barrel. Since a laser beam by definition has low divergence, the laser light appears as a small spot even at long distances; the user simply places the spot on the desired target and the barrel of the gun is aligned.

Most laser sights use a red laser diode. Others use an infrared diode to produce a dot invisible to the naked human eye but detectable with night vision devices. In the late 1990s, green diode pumped solid state laser (DPSS) laser sights (532 nm) became available. Modern laser sights are small and light enough for attachment to the firearms.

In 2007, LaserMax, a company specializing in manufacturing lasers for military and police firearms, introduced the first mass-production green laser available for small arms. This laser mounts to the underside of a handgun or long arm on the accessory rail. The green laser is supposed to be more visible than the red laser in bright lighting conditions.

Masterkey (under barrel shotgun for assault rifles)

The Masterkey is a door breaching shotgun system manufactured by Knight's Armament Company.


A telescopic sight, commonly called a scope, is a device used to give additional accuracy using a point of aim for weapons such as firearms, airguns and crossbows. Other sighting systems are iron sights, red dot sights, and laser sights.


A suppressor or sound moderator is a device attached to a firearm to reduce the amount of noise and flash generated by firing the weapon. It generally takes the form of a cylindrically-shaped metal tube that is fit onto the barrel of the firearm, with various internal mechanisms to reduce the sound of firing by slowing the escaping propellant gas, and sometimes by reducing the velocity of the bullet. Suppressors are also popularly known as silencers, though no suppressor completely eliminates the noise of discharging a firearm

Thrown explosives :
Chaff grenade

http://guidesarchive.ign.com/guides/569/images/chaff.jpg:p δεν βρηκα καλυτερη
Chaff grenades release chaff on explosion, deeming electronical devices like sercurity camers, inactive. The chaff lasts for about 30 seconds.


A Fragmentation Grenade is an explosive device contained within a small hand-held casing, typically steel or plastic. Once the fuse is activated by pulling a pin and releasing a safety handle, the operator has 3-5 seconds to throw the grenade before it detonates, causing the casing to shatter and become high-velocity shrapnel that can kill or injure anyone in the blast radius.

Petrobomb/Molotov cocktail

An improvised anti-personnel and anti-armor device, Petrobombs typically consist of a flammable liquid such as petrol with an equally flamable fuse such as a petrol-soaked rag contained within an object such as a bottle or jar. When the fuse is lit and the vessel is broken, the material spreads and burns. Also known as a "Molotov Cocktail/Bomb", originating with the Finns and named for Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov during the Winter War.

Smoke Grenade (yellow, red, blue, green)

A Smoke Grenade is a multi-purpose pyrotechnic device that upon detonation produces a plume of smoke. Armed much like a standard fragmentation grenade, it can be used as a ground-to-ground/ground-to-air target marking device, target or landing zone marking or to screen unit movement.

Stun Grenade

A Stun Grenade, sometimes referred to as a "Flashbang" or NFDD (Noise and Flash Diversonary Device), is a hand-thrown less-leathal pyrotechnic device utilizing a metal-oxidant mix in a steel hexagonal tube with holes along it's sides to create the characteristic "Flash and Bang" while at the same time preventing the casing of the grenade to fragment. It is armed in a similar manner to a fragmentation grenade. They were originally developed for Britain's Special Air Service and have since been adopted by several military organizations and law-enforcement for the purposes of non-lethal room clearing.

White phosphorus

A white phosphorus grenade acts both as a smoke-producing device and an incendiary device. In it's capacity as an incendiary device, it is used primarily as a weapon to destroy weapons and equipment. When detonated, the white phosphorus undergoes a chemical reaction to the oxygen in the air, producing burning flakes. These flakes can burn at several hundred degrees and can severely injure and kill any human targets caught in the blast. The only way to put it out is to either deprive it completely of oxygen or wait for it to burn out. Known in military short-hand as "WP" though the Vietnam-era nicknames "Will(ie) Pete" or "Will(ie) Peter" is occasionally used as well.

Mines :
S.G. Mine/Sleep gas satchel charge

In Metal Gear Solid 4, the S.G. Mine is a non-lethal alternative to the Claymore that dispenses sleeping gas in the area when triggered.


An explosive anti-personal mine, with a proximity trigger. Walk in the selected area, and the mine explodes, with a shaped charge only taking out the proximity area.


A returning favorite to the Metal Gear Solid series. A plastic explosive, equipped with a remote control detonator. Can be applied to nearly all surfaces. Enemies, Walls, etc.

Others :

This is Old Snakes main knife. The Stun Knife has a built-in taser in the handle, allowing you to shock and incapacitate enemies and may also be used to deliver a fatal stab to enemy soldiers as well.

Psycho Mantis Doll & The Sorrow Doll

A doll that looks like Psycho Mantis. It is used by Screaming Mantis. It has psycokenetic powers over the living. It can be used both as a weapon to kill and as a method of shaking a body for items, though it only works on living bodies.

A doll that looks like The Sorrow. It is used by Screaming Mantis. It has power over the dead. It can be used to shake items from a dead body without having to approach it directly.

αν και δεν ειναι weapon τιμης ενεκεν:p


ισως τα οπλα να ειναι ενα απο τα χειροτερα αντικειμενα που εφτιαξε ο ανθρωπος
το μονο που προκαλουν ειναι καταστροφη και πονο
γιαυτο να θυμαστε



επι των πληστων απο αυτα :
http://metalgear.wikia.com/ (http://metalgear.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_weapons_in_Metal_Gear_Solid_4)
και πολυ πολυ google

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Lol που να μην ήταν stealth πόσα θα είχε :D

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oloklhro oplostasio :p

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The Second Amendment το κάναμε το thread.

"Father... tha pame for shooting after lunch?"
"Yes, ma boyyy... Say your prayers now and eat your food"...
Τυπικός διάλογος σε βλαχοαμερικανορεπουμπλικάνικη επαρχία... :giggle:

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foveri doulia mpravo john . ti kouvalaei o tupos?

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Απλά τέλειος.

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foveri doulia mpravo john . ti kouvalaei o tupos?

αν λες για τον snake εχει ενα ΑΚ 102 με grenade launcher
τι διολο απαιξω τα εμαθα?:angry:

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πραγματικα φοβερη δουλεια φιλε.Το παιχνιδι οντως εχει πιστευω τη μεγαλυτερη ποικιλια οπλων που υπηρξε ποτε σε βιντεοπαιχνιδι.


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Έλα παιδιά ξεχάσαμε το σημαντικότερο:

(ανοίγετε το spoiler με δική σας ευθύνη :D )

http://imageshack.gr/files/m5wzlw5s9niwtqcrjwxt.jpg (http://imageshack.gr/view.php?file=m5wzlw5s9niwtqcrjwxt.jpg)

Playboy is an American men's magazine, founded in Chicago, Illinois, by Hugh Hefner and his associates, which has grown into Playboy Enterprises, Inc., with a presence in nearly every medium. Playboy is one of the world's best known brands. In addition to the flagship magazine in the United States, special nation-specific versions of Playboy are published worldwide.

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Έλα παιδιά ξεχάσαμε το σημαντικότερο:

το εχω βαλει βρε :D
last but not least ;)

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poli oreo to post sou

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apisteuto post file ise k o protos treloo gameeeee, exo kolitoo pu ine 100% xvox fan k trelenete pu dn exi mg4 xaxaxa

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apisteuto post file ise k o protos treloo gameeeee, exo kolitoo pu ine 100% xvox fan k trelenete pu dn exi mg4 xaxaxa

:angry: ολοι τρελαινονται φιλε μου με αυτο το Game ανεξαρτητου στρατοπεδου:angry:

πες στο φιλο σου να σουταρει το σαραβαλο και να παρει το εργαλειο μας:bgrin2: